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Al Free Thought – The Shard

My name is Al, and as you can tell by the name of my blog these posts will have everything to do with the random free thoughts that I have on a day to day basis. Now for some who may not already know me, I am actually an architect and I work in the construction industry, which is usually involving new builds. For those unaware, new builds are the designing and creation of new building properties, from the start to the finish. This is where I specialize in because I use both my architecture background to design the buildings themselves, and the construction experience I have to create the designs that I have made. I have done this for many years around the United Kingdom to the point I feel like I am a relatively known name within the industry. If you do not know me I would suggest you ask around to find out!

One of the greatest architecture projects of the recent times (and one that I really wish I could have worked on) is the Shard in the middle of London. It is a very, very large structure (the largest currently in London) that is mostly made of glass and took a few years to construct. I got the chance to take a look at it when I went down to London for a few days and it stands magnificent around the surrounding buildings. It really shines through London to make the city look really advanced and it is like something out of Blade Runner. It is my favourite projects around of recent times and I really look forward to seeing it every time I come down to London.

It took them a few years because of the design and the size of the entire project. The top of the shard actually is full of restaurants and bars for you to take a skyline view of London which is really good for tourists and travellers who have the money to see! But they also have other amazing concepts within the building such as a hotel and even a swimming pool on the 31st level of the building. For those who are unaware, The Shard actually used to be an office block that was deconstructed and reimagined to what it is today. The overall size of the new building is a total of 95 storeys (which may not sound like a lot, but when you see it with your own eyes you’ll realise just how big it actually is!).

The building is actually not just the largest building in London but the tallest building in the United Kingdom at a total of 309.7 metres or 1,016ft. Located right next to London Bridge, it is actually in the heart of the city and stands out amazingly. The shard itself was developed by the Sellar Property Group and they have done a great job to create the building itself. It also has the capacity to allow for base jumping and even climbing the building with an observation deck on the 72nd floor. The building itself is amazing and I would recommend everyone to visit it at least once for the technical marvel that it is. Tomorrow I’ll be doing a post about the Palace of Westminster so check that out!

My New Blog

Thanks for visiting my new blog, all about my thoughts on architecture and the construction/building business! In it I’ll try and talk about new forms of architecture, new and classic techniques of building and how I think the construction business will change over time.