Wembley Stadium

Although this is a bit of a deviation from some of the other blog posts that I have done in recent days, there is a specific building in London that I want to talk about because of how big it is. Sure, we aren’t exactly talking about a more antiquated and royal building such as some of the previous posts, but Wembley Stadium is a great architectural marvel for both a sports stadium and a building in modern times. Whether you are from Birmingham, Manchester or Newcastle, when you come to London for a day to watch England play football with the national team or to watch one of your teams try to get promoted or win a cup, you know that it is going to be a day out that you will always remember because of how great and grand the stadium is.

Many in England (if not everyone in England) know that the new Wembley stadium opened in 2007 on the site of the old stadium after it was demolished 5 years before. The main reason that this stadium has become a staple for architects, builders and the average person over our lifetimes is because of what happens inside the arena itself. Wembley is the official arena of the England National Team, and it is probably the only stadium in the United Kingdom where you will see fans of other football teams truly unite under one banner. And if you were to take a look at Wembley stadium from the outside, you can see why. However, for the next year or so another football team will be using the stadium so I’m sure for that period of time Wembley won’t be completed loved!

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The stadium itself however isn’t publicly owned, but rather owned by the head of national football within England, the FA. This has brought some controversy in the past since many are not really comfortable with the stadium being owned by a private company, but they had also helped fund the stadium so I’m not sure they should be disliked too much since it works out for everyone to an extent.

The stadium itself is beyond grand. While this is normal in other countries such as America, the stadium itself can fit up to 90,000 people seated. That makes it the largest football stadium within the UK, and the second largest in the whole of Europe. It is an immense football stadium and the retractable roof and huge arch make it look that much grander. The building itself is so large and it is one of the United Kingdom’s greatest architectural achievements. Not only can it fit such a large amount of people at one time, but having that amount of people makes no difference to the stadium or the attendees themselves. They haven’t just been used for English football games, but also for American Football, the Olympics themselves and even boxing and rugby.

The stadium has become a landmark within itself for both its history and the games that they host. Wembley has become one of the most important parts of English culture and it is if anything a sign of what a building alone can do for the people that it surrounds.